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How do I update the time stamp?


With the iSpyPen Pro, you are able to easily display or hide the timestamp with the month, day, year, hour, minute, and second. In addition to this guide, please find an accompanying video below. 

Option 1) To hide the timestamp download this file (click here) and save it to your iSpyPen Pro.

Option 2) To display the timestamp download this file (click here), update it according to the instructions below, and save it to your iSpyPen Pro.

Note: The file name saved to the pen must be "settime.txt"


Additional Notes:

Please ensure to add .txt at the end of the file name, even if you save the file as a TXT file type.

The iSpyPen Pro arrives with the timestamp activated. You will likely need to hide or update the timestamp using the above instruction. 

Required format should match this: 2019-04-10,17:50:59 Y

Y means “Yes, overlay timestamp”

N means “No, don’t overlay timestamp”


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    How do I take pictures with my pen

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    How do I download the file to up-date the time-stamp?  (

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