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How do I know if my iSpyPen Pro is charged?


We recommend using a computer, Portable Battery, or wall powered USB to charge your iSpyPen Pro. When you plug the pen into the USB port, you will notice that the indicator light illuminates.

The indicator light contains a red and blue LED. The red light will only illuminate when the pen is not fully charged and is in the process of being charged.

Once charging is complete, the red light will disappear, leaving only a blue indicator light.

Kindly note, that the combination of red and blue lights may give the illusion of a single purple light while charging.


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  • Avatar
    Ernie Dede

    My spy pro is fully charged but when pressing top button, no light goes on and; therefore, no blinking.

    Both of my pens are not working.. I have a macBook computer.

  • Avatar
    Jeffery J OConnell

    My new pen will not charge, no red light when charging and no blue light when trying to test the pen.  I THINK this pen is a lemon.  Please communicate as to what I can do. 

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